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Chalki is located in the centre of the Tragea basin and it is the most fertile area of Naxos with large olive groves. In the past, Chalki used to be the trade center of the island, whereas today, it is the seat of the municipality of Drymalia. Chalki differs from all other villages on Naxos due to its neoclassical architecture. You will also find old water mills, gardens, olive trees all over the place. THere is also a beautiful place for pastries, coffee shops, snacks and a restaurant offering interesting flavours to the visitor.

Sightseeing in Chalki

Inside the village one can find many ancient ruins, Byzantine churches with frescoes and Venetian Towers.

Panagia Protothroni (6th Century)
Grazias Barozzi Tower , built in teh early 17th century by the Venetian Family Barozzi.
Distiller of Vallindras Family
where Citrus of Naxos is produced. The family offers to visitors acitron made by the distillation of leaves of citron.

Panagia Rachidiotissa standing alone in an olive grove.
Aghios Georgios Diasoritis which was restored in 1974. (9th Century)

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Dressed in white, built in a hug of rocks and stone, opposite of the small forest of cedars in the beautiful reserve, Sun Rock in Stelida, near Agios Prokopios beach, is certain that it will cast a spell on you with the beauty of its simplicity.

Its unique location offers a panoramic view of the island.

The serene environment, the traditional architecture with view of the Aegean and the garden that surrounds the apartments, will offer you vacations that you will definitely remember for a long time!


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