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This Early Christian church lies near the village of Moni.

The interior wall surfaces have wall paintings of various phases; from the end of the 6th and the beginning of the 7th centuries.
The best way to see more of the island is to hire a car and head off into the Tragaia valley with its little towns and wonderful views. Chalki is a pictureque little place with Ventetian. architecture. It is worth a short stop to wander through the little streets. In the centre is the old Byzantine Fragopoulis tower.

Getting to Naxos Island

By Ferry:


Naxos Island Nightlife
Naxos Cyclades Greece is an extremely well-developed island with many entertainment venues, offering visitors a lot of different options. Along the beachfront drive and in the small side streets of Naxos Town (Chora) there are hundreds of cafes, bars, clubs and live music halls, some of the most exciting Naxos nightlife. The seaside resorts of Plaka, Agios Prokopis, Stelida and Agia Anna, located just south of Naxos Town (Chora), also provide a wide selection of nightlife venues. Apollonas village, situated on the northeastern side of the island, is a favourite place to enjoy a delicious meal and to relax with a cool drink while gazing at the small fishing port.

Naxos Local Festivals

In contrast to the many clubs and music halls, Naxos Greece also hosts plenty of festivals, fairs and events. While in Naxos Town during the summer months, you can take part in the "Dionysia" Festival, which is a mixture of cultural and athletic events. The summer cultural festival that takes place in the Bazeos Castle is simply wonderful, offering a variety of activities to participants. Other Naxos festivals take place on the name day of the patron saints of each village. Some of the popular festivals: Agios Prokopios on July 8 and Agia Anna on July 25 in their respective villages, the Virgin Mary on August 15 and Agios Ioannis on August 29 in Apiranthos, Agia Marina on July 17th in Koronos and the Virgin Mary 3-day festival in mid-August in Filoti.

Local Cuisine Local Products

Useful Phones on Naxos Island

Local Area Code : 2285 (0)
Code for Greece: 003(0)
Municipality of Naxos - Chora: 22717, 22712

Police Station of Chora:
Tel: +30 22850 22100, 23280

Naxos Island Banks

National Bank: 22187, 23053, 22188
Commercial Bank: 22209, 26145, 22381
Eurobank: 26025, 26030, 23406
Alpha Bank: 22992, 22994, 26101
Piraeus Bank: 26771, 26770, 26775
Laiki Bank: 26871, 29290, 29103

Post Office (hours of operation 07.20 14.00 Monday to Friday): +30 22850 22211

Naxos Fire Department:
Tel: +30 22850 32199

el: 22850-32899
Fax: 22850-32899

Greek Electrical Company (D.E.I):
Tel: +30 22850 22214, 22267, 24544

Athens Olympic Airways: Tel: 801 1144444

Naxos Airport:
Tel: +30 22850 23292

Athens International airport El. Venizelos:
Tel: +30 210 3530000

Olympic Airways (local office on Naxos Island)
Tel: +30 22850 23043

katholic church naxos island

Public Bus Station (KTEL): Tel: +30 22850 22291

Naxos Taxi Station: 22444, 24331

Naxos Weather Station:
Tel: +30 22850 22465


International Telephone code : +30 22850 plus the 5 digit number
Telephone Code within Greece or Naxos Island : 22850 plus the 5 digit number
Hospital - Health Centre Naxos Island

( tel. 23333, 23550 )

Available doctors at the hospital: pathologists, general, pediatrist, orthopedic, gynecologist, cardiologist, microbiologist, dentist, doctor for diabetics, for radiographies and surgeon. There are also four rural doctors and twelve nurses. The Health Centre has a microbiological and a radiant laboratory and two ambulances.
In each of the following periphery centers works a rural doctor. The doctors of the hospital often visit these centers.
Filoti : Rural doctor office tel. 31404
Apiranthos: Rural doctor office tel. 61206
Komiaki: Rural doctor office tel. 52213
Melanes: Rural doctor office tel. 62372
Halki: Rural doctor office tel. 31206
Koronos: Periphery rural doctor office tel. 51280
Vivlos: Periphery rural doctor officetel. 41221
Ag. Arsenios: Periphery rural doctor officetel. 41484
Hora: Sanitary station tel. 22346
Emergency Incidents: A helicopter of EKAV (Hellenic Centre of Immediate Need) carries all the emergency incidents to Athens or to Syros Island (if the weather conditions are not appropriate). For a non-emergency incident, the patient is carried out to Syros island by ship.
Naxos Island Hospitals Doctors

Venieris Dimitris 23049, 22154
Venieris Nikolaos 24114
Venieris Fragiskos 24666
Dourou Maria 25907
Kapiris Germanos 24466
Karabatsos Ilias 24277, 23303
Kizi Thekla 23820
Kleanthous Ioannis 31029
Barbatzidis Edouardos 26320
Raptakis Vasileios 23069
Sakallerou Sevasti 22832
Tompas Platon 25767
Giannoulopoulos Dimitris 26976

Individual Doctors on Naxos Island


Detsi 22819
Immelos 26166
Bakalos 25210, 22476

Lianopoulos G. 23787

Lianopoulos I. 26696

Mantadakis 23764, 25655

Markantoni 25559, 23884

Aggelis 22212, 24576
Gratsias 23192, 25285

Evaggelou F. 24902
Zigiri 25443
Bogiatzoglou 22463, 41872
Vasalakis Dimitrios 6944278947, 23533
Pittaras Eustathios Sala Paraskevi 6944325240, 24664


Avgeraki 25575
Kritikou 23878
Mamouzelos 23208, 22315
Bardanis 22727
Tzaninis 24333
Karapanos 26276
Voulgaraki 25902
Bousounis 31900
Bougiouka 29311

Pharmacies on Naxos Island
Chora Naxos Island
Dellarocas Nikos 24946, 6945702732
Zafeiri Anneza 22761, 6944708709
Psara Anna 22886
Ispanopoulos Manolis 24247
Peristeraki Anthi 25517, 23517
Kavoura Georgia 22611
Margaritis Manolis 22661

Filoti Naxos Island
Pittaras Michalis 31787

Halki Naxos Island
Detsi Stella 31218

Agios Prokopios beach Naxos Island
Vasilis Margaritis Tel: 22850 42888

Nafpaktos Property for Sale


House For Sale Nafpaktos

Kind of Property: Villas - Maisonette: &
House: 90 m Surrounding Land : 2500 sq.m.
Area: Aitoloakarnania Post Code: 30023
Village : Ampelakiotissa

Property for sale in Nafpaktia, village Ampelakiotissa, ( Kozitsa)

COST : 100000 Euros

nafpaktos house for sale

Construction Year 1983.

nafpaktos house for sale

1st LEVEL Warehouse

2nd LEVEL 2 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, 1 bathroom and big veranda, garden

Contact info

Tel: 0030 6974120619
Fax: 0030 22850 27086






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