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Naxos Car Rental
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Naxos Bikes Tours
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Naxos Houses for rent
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This Early Christian church lies near the village of Moni.

The interior wall surfaces have wall paintings of various phases; from the end of the 6th and the beginning of the 7th centuries.
The best way to see more of the island is to hire a car and head off into the Tragaia valley with its little towns and wonderful views. Chalki is a pictureque little place with Ventetian. architecture. It is worth a short stop to wander through the little streets. In the centre is the old Byzantine Fragopoulis tower.




Naxos Local Festivals

In contrast to the many clubs and music halls, Naxos Greece also hosts plenty of festivals, fairs and events. While in Naxos Town during the summer months, you can take part in the "Dionysia" Festival, which is a mixture of cultural and athletic events. The summer cultural festival that takes place in the Bazeos Castle is simply wonderful, offering a variety of activities to participants. Other Naxos festivals take place on the name day of the patron saints of each village. Some of the popular festivals: Agios Prokopios on July 8 and Agia Anna on July 25 in their respective villages, the Virgin Mary on August 15 and Agios Ioannis on August 29 in Apiranthos, Agia Marina on July 17th in Koronos and the Virgin Mary 3-day festival in mid-August in Filoti.

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Useful Phones on Naxos Island

Local Area Code : 2285 (0)
Code for Greece: 003(0)
Municipality of Naxos - Chora: 22717, 22712

Police Station of Chora:
Tel: +30 22850 22100, 23280

Naxos Island Banks

National Bank: 22187, 23053, 22188
Commercial Bank: 22209, 26145, 22381
Eurobank: 26025, 26030, 23406
Alpha Bank: 22992, 22994, 26101
Piraeus Bank: 26771, 26770, 26775
Laiki Bank: 26871, 29290, 29103

Post Office (hours of operation 07.20 – 14.00 Monday to Friday): +30 22850 22211

Naxos Fire Department:
Tel: +30 22850 32199

Ôel: 22850-32899
Fax: 22850-32899

Greek Electrical Company (D.E.I):
Tel: +30 22850 22214, 22267, 24544

Athens Olympic Airways: Tel: 801 1144444

Naxos Airport:
Tel: +30 22850 23292

Athens International airport “El. Venizelos”:
Tel: +30 210 3530000

Olympic Airways (local office on Naxos Island)
Tel: +30 22850 23043

katholic church naxos island

Public Bus Station (KTEL): Tel: +30 22850 22291

Naxos Taxi Station: 22444, 24331

Naxos Weather Station:
Tel: +30 22850 22465


International Telephone code : +30  22850  plus the 5 digit number
Telephone Code within Greece or Naxos Island :  22850  plus the 5 digit number
Hospital - Health Centre Naxos Island

( tel. 23333, 23550 )

Available doctors at the hospital: pathologists, general, pediatrist, orthopedic, gynecologist, cardiologist, microbiologist, dentist, doctor for diabetics, for radiographies and surgeon. There are also four rural doctors and twelve nurses. The Health Centre has a microbiological and a radiant laboratory and two ambulances.
In each of the following periphery centers works a rural doctor. The doctors of the hospital often visit these centers.
Filoti : Rural doctor office tel. 31404
Apiranthos: Rural doctor office tel. 61206
Komiaki: Rural doctor office tel. 52213
Melanes: Rural doctor office tel. 62372
Halki: Rural doctor office tel. 31206
Koronos: Periphery rural doctor office tel. 51280
Vivlos: Periphery rural doctor office tel. 41221
Ag. Arsenios: Periphery rural doctor office tel. 41484
Hora: Sanitary station tel. 22346   
Emergency Incidents: A helicopter of EKAV (Hellenic Centre of Immediate Need) carries all the emergency incidents to Athens or to Syros  Island  (if the weather conditions are not appropriate). For a non-emergency incident, the patient is carried out to Syros island by ship.
Naxos Island Hospital’s Doctors

Venieris Dimitris 23049, 22154
Venieris Nikolaos 24114
Venieris Fragiskos 24666
Dourou Maria 25907
Kapiris Germanos 24466
Karabatsos Ilias 24277, 23303
Kizi Thekla 23820
Kleanthous Ioannis 31029
Barbatzidis Edouardos 26320
Raptakis Vasileios 23069
Sakallerou Sevasti 22832
Tompas Platon 25767
Giannoulopoulos Dimitris 26976

Individual Doctors on Naxos Island


Detsi 22819
Immelos 26166
Bakalos 25210, 22476

Lianopoulos G. 23787

Lianopoulos I. 26696

Mantadakis 23764, 25655

Markantoni 25559, 23884

Aggelis 22212, 24576
Gratsias 23192, 25285

Evaggelou F. 24902
Zigiri 25443
Bogiatzoglou 22463, 41872
Vasalakis Dimitrios 6944278947, 23533
Pittaras Eustathios – Sala Paraskevi 6944325240, 24664


Avgeraki 25575
Kritikou 23878
Mamouzelos 23208, 22315
Bardanis 22727
Tzaninis 24333
Karapanos 26276
Voulgaraki 25902
Bousounis 31900
Bougiouka 29311

Pharmacies on Naxos Island
Chora Naxos Island
Dellarocas Nikos 24946, 6945702732
Zafeiri Anneza 22761, 6944708709
Psara Anna 22886
Ispanopoulos Manolis 24247
Peristeraki Anthi 25517, 23517
Kavoura Georgia 22611
Margaritis Manolis 22661

Filoti Naxos Island
Pittaras Michalis 31787

Halki Naxos Island
Detsi Stella 31218

Agios Prokopios beach Naxos Island
Vasilis Margaritis Tel: 22850 42888

Naxos Island Cyclades Greece

Naxos Island, the island of exceptional beauty situated in the heart of Cyclades. A small paradise for lovers of the ocean, sun and nature. Naxos Island the largest island 448sq. km) in the heart of Cyclades with a population exceeding 20.000 of residents. Always full of sun it one of the most popular destinations -a paradise for holidaymakers. Naxos Island is a popular tourist destination with several easily accessilble beaches. More than 98 kilometres of fine golden sandy beaches are surrounding the beautiful island with superb crystal - clear turquoise waters which are glimmering under the bright Mediteranean sun.

Naxos Island makes the difference due to its excellent climate, the variety of landscapes combining sandy beaches with rich valleys rocky stones & mountains.

A spot of white in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Naxos Island is a unique blend of ancient ruins and beach culture. The largest of the Cycladic Islands, Naxos Island is the childhood home of none other than Zeus, king of the gods. Upon arrival in Naxos, hike over a causeway to Palatia, where the Portara, a stone gateway to an ancient temple that no longer exists, stands alone, the symbol of the island. At sunset, the views of Naxos island , and the sea beyond, are breathtaking. People gather every afternoon and relax gazing the sunset from Portara Naxos.

Agios Prokopios, lying on a sheltered bay with a beautiful stretch of sand, and then Agia Anna Beach, Plaka Beach, Micri Vigla, Kastraki. On the eastern side of the island there is a road which follows the coast down from Moutouna to the south, passing the magnificent beach of Psili Amos, and ends up at Panormos on Naxos Island, a deserted beach with pine trees.

more about Naxos Beaches



Naxos Island Greece is such a versatile island that satisfies all types of tourists, from the sightseer and the nature lover to the party-goer and the laid back tourist.

To get a taste of the island, we suggest taking a stroll in Naxos Town (Chora) through the winding alleyways to admire the whitewashed houses, with their potted flowers, and colourful doors and shutters. It is truly a calming and rejuvenating experience.

naxos island portaraWhen entering the harbour of Naxos Island you can see Portara, the chapel of Our Lady Mirtidiotissa and the castle. Portara the big marble gate that stands high on the island of Bachus is waht the remains of the ancient temple of Apollo that was standing here. The ruins of the temple are called Palace, implying the palaces of Ligadmi the ancient tyrant of Naxos Island. The legend says that here Theseus abandoned Ariadne when he came back from Crete.

Naxos town possesses several of the island's most characteristic sites, such as the "Portara" (the marble gate to the ancient Temple of Apollo), the Venetian Castle, the Mycenean City in the Grotta area, the Archaeological Museum, the 16th century Bazeos Castle, and the Churches of Zoodochou Pigis and Panagia Myrtidiotissa.

naxos island churchesWhile touring Naxos Island, you can visit many other significant archaeological and historical sites. Apiranthos is one of the oldest settlements on the island, that has much in the way of interesting folklore to offer as well as some remarkable examples of tradtional architecture. In Apirathos, you should stop to admire the Zevgoli Tower and the Museums as well as the encahnting view of the sea. If you are an archaeology buff, then we recommend visiting the Kouroi innaxos island castle Apollonas and Flerio, the Ancient Site of Iria and the Sanctuary of Demetra and Apollo near on naxos island.

Sagri. The Plain of Tragaia which stretches from Sagri to Agiassos has been called "Little Mystras" by Byzantine scholars becuase of the wealth of important Byzantine remains that have been found there. Many churches which not only contain valuable sculptures and wall paintings, but are of interest from an architectureal point of view, lie scattered around the area. In a lonely area to he north of Panormos stand the Chimaros Tower, a round marble building dating from the Hellenistic period.

From the Venetian Era on Naxos Island , you can admire the Bellonia Tower in Galanado and the towers in Melanes. A splendid natural site is the Cave of Za in Filoti, where visitors can see a collection of impressive stalagmites just over the Zas Mountain on Naxos Island.

Naxos Villages

Traditional villages (which total to 44) enrich Naxos and can be found all over the island in that mountainous and plain area. A great number of pre-historic, ancient and recent monuments confirm the consistent existence of life and cultural development of Naxos something that currently provides an important tourism attraction for Naxos. On Naxos, "the Island of Ariadne" ,you may enjoy sunshine on some of the best beaches of the Mediterranean Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Micri Vigla, Kastraki, Moutsouna. With a total length of more than 40 km, naxos beaches are considered as some of the best beaches in Greece. The fertile land gave and still gives the opportunity to the residents of the island to be occupied with farming and animal breeding.The rich subsoil (marble & emergy) and the fishing industry contributes, even today, to substantial income as well as from the agricultural section.

Filoti The biggest village of Naxos consists of two parts,'Glefaro"and "Paxidi",two green glacis that are separated by a stream a show spectacular and beatiful .It is full of life and action.The summertime attracts a lot of people locals and foreigners.The cafes ,the pizzarias ,the barbecue shops and other sort of shops are full of people . People of Filoti are proud of the overage and very high platan.The natural beauty of Filoti is unique.The visitors when reaches the square should not forget to visit the historical church of Virgin Mary dormition,to see the white and arcitectural beauty,and the museum exploitation buildings which accommodate the Rural cooperative of Filoti and the Association of Women.

The village Aperanthos is located in the gracis of a hill in Eastern feet of mountain range  of Fanaria.Is the remarkable village it is reported already on the 1413 from the sightseer  Christoforos Bouedelmonti.The name of the village"Apetrathou "is founded in the general fall of the Greek languagefrom the first time we find it written in traditional texts.In our days we have the chance to be present ,walk, enjoy ourselves in one of the most beautiful and traditional settlements of Greece ,which maintains  a unique character. It was called the"marble village",because of the marble existing everywhere ,in the streets, in the houses and the sul light of the Aegean is reflecting all over the village .Apeiranthos is situaded around two Towers that were probably built , the 17 th century and were owned byFrancs landowners. Each corner of the village shows the special traditional archtecture ,which is particularly obvious in the different types of chimneys.

Apollonas: The small beautiful village is situated in a cove in the north -eastern coast of Naxos,in distance of 36 Km, from Chora .In the top of village ,in Kastraki point, is found Kouros(young mans"statue).It is an unfinished marble statue,of 10,5 metres lengthand is dated by the 6th B.C. century.Tha archaelogists believe that the statue depicts the god Dionysus or the god Apollo.In Apollonas the visitor can swim in clean ,sandy or with small pebbles beaches and can walk in small dells with fresh running  drinking water.In the small sandy beach ,in front of the village there are cafe ,bars and restaurants.
Tripodes: As you look from the street at the graphic windmills ''climbed up'' the hill, you think it is a painting table. The village is located in the South Western part of the island in the passage for the marvellous beaches of Kastraki - Aliko and Pyrgaki without lacking of its own beach, Plaka. Also, the village is well known for its history, the hospitality of the residents, the archaeological monuments as the Paliopyrgos of Plaka, the chapel of Ag. Matthaios, the Virgin Mary Tripodiotissa, the Stayropigi, the Plaka. What happened to the most areas of Naxos also happened to Tripodes. Firstly, a more ancient settlement of Tripodes in the beach of Plaka appears to exist, as it is proved by the ruins of the ancient Tower of Plaka ant the ancient temple of Ag. Matthaios. Later, because of the fear of pirates and the devastating raids the settle - ment was transported inner, while the current position  was defined in the years of Francs Domination and it became one of the largest

Galanado: Galanado is a small graphic village of 412 residents. It is amphitheatrically built viewing the fertile flat of Livadi, the Stelida and Chora. It is said that the village took the name after a resident who was named Galanos. The residents deal mainly with the agriculture ant the livestock - farming. In the last years is observed construction of new houses in Ag. Isidoros point, no particulary from residents of Galanado. In the village there is the Church of Agio Pnevma [Saint Spirit] build in 1822, as is written above the door of Temple in the left aisle.

Galini:The settlement was named Galini in 1955. It is one of the small rural villages of Naxos with 192 residents. It is about 6 kilometres from Chora and is located on the northern road axis from Chora to Apollonas. It is located amphitheatrically in the western side of the valley of Eggares, above the rocks, respecting the tradition and the fertility of the ground.

Damarionas: Damarionas is a build on the roots of mountain Rahi at the end of the, full of olives, basin of Tragaia. It is 16 kilometres away from the capital of Naxos, Chora. It has been characterized as traditional dorp. It is appreciated that is construction began from 1400 A. C. and onwards. The first residents of Damarionas lived, as is appreciated, in the beach at south - western area of Agiasos. The fear of the residents for the pirates, that by the 7th A. C. century preyed the islands of cyclades, forced them to go in the interior of the island, first in the place Roalidia, at the side of the Castle of Apalirou and later in the current place that Damarionas is located. The dorps Agiasos and Pirgaki are wind protected, coastal, wiht big beautiful sandy beaches and are located south - western of Damarionas in distance of roughly 15 kilometres. Damarionas is a rural - vaterinary village. Damarionas has been characterized as the ''hospitable village of Naxos''. The festival of the village is on the 6 of August, when the cherch of the village, the Metamorfosis of Sotiros [Savior ] celebrates

Kerami: Kerami is one of the most beautiful places of Naxos. The village is next to the olive grove of Tragaia and near to the other all - white settlements. It is located in the middle of a road that leads from Halki to Filoti. In the past, Kerami was a small village of poor residents, with small fields and a few animals.

Keramoti: Keramoti is a mountainous traditional village,lost in the rich vegetation ,in the bottom of the dell between the mountains, Koronos ,Atraliki and Vouno .It is located in the centre of the island and is connected via the bigger road network in mountainous Naxos(cross -road  of Stauros Keramoti)and with three rural streets with the village Apeirantho,Koronos,Kynidaros,and Moni.In this spot is situated a small church ,dedicated to the Rise of Cross .the gave the name to the cross-road.The location of the church is unique , because someone can see the eastern and western coasts of Naxos.It is 25Km far from Chora and with Apeirantho,Korono  and Komiaki they are the emery-villages(excavation of emery)of Naxos.The name was given to the village because of Its shape that looks like a tile (keramos)

Kinidaros:In altitude of almost 400metres ,Kynidaros is situated between vines ,olives,,oaks ,platasand prinies.Tradition reportsthat the village was firstly builtin another location ,in the graphic valley of Halandros,the Kiouria point.According to the tradition , the area of Halandron had rich and dense vegetation with a lot of waters and wild animals.

Naxos Attractions

Three Kouroi
Near the village or Melanes (Flerio) there are two out of the three Kouroi you find in Naxos. The unfinished archaic Kouros,almost 6.5 m long, is lying douwn inside a garden for centuries in exactly the same place that the ancient craftsmen deserted it.
In the north part of the island, near the beautiful village of Apollonas, there is a gigantic Kouros (10 m in length), which probablya personification of Dionysus. You will find it in the begging of the village, in an ancient quarry.   The third and less famous Kouros
is found in a landscaped path, near Flerio

Temple of Dimitra in Gyroulas (Sangri)

The temple of Dimitra in Gyroulas is one of the most significant buildings of ancient Naxos and dates back to 520-530 BC.The ancient sanctuary was made entirely of white marble and it was dedicated to the worship of goddess Dimitra; in the 6th century it was tuned into a Christian basilica church. Today, the restoration of the temple has been completed and there is also a museum

Temple of Dionysus in Iria

The Sanctuary of Dionysus is situated in the area of Iria, only 3km away from Chora. You will see there finds from thetemple of Dionysus that date from the 6th century BC. The foundation stones of the sanctuary as well as very few ruins of the temple‘s walls are being preserved. The finds include marble pillars and a well of the 6th century BC (the only one with a marble layer) as well
as a small exhibition room. Three more temples were found under the archaeological sight; all of them were dedicated to Dionysus.

The Gate, Naxos Town
When arriving to Naxos Port the first impression you get will remain always in your mind. Portara, the huge marble Gate of the Temple of Apollo which was never finished. This is the trademark attraction of the island, built in the 6th century BC. It is believed that the temple was never completed and most of its parts were taken to build other structures on the island. Don’t miss the stunning sunset.

Agias Tower - Abraam beach
On the way to Apollonas you will reach Agias Tower. The spot offers a great view and offers you a journey to the way people used to live many many years ago.

Tower of Barozzi - Gratsia

Here we are taken back to the previous rule of the dukes as soon as we visit the Tower of Barozzi – Gratsia which predates the 17th century.

Chimmaros Tower, near Filoti village

The Tower of Chimarros is located in Filoti, a very scenic village in the center of Naxos Island. It was built in the 4th – 3rd centuries BC, during the Hellenistic Period and is a circular, marble structure standing at a height of approximately 15 meters.

Kalamitsia – Melanes Village

In Melanes lies you may visit Kalamitsia, where, in 1673, a Jesuit monk built a wonderful building, a proper palace, as a country residence for the Jesuit monks, in the luxuriant green valley.

Zas Cave – Filoti
The spring is the starting point of the old footpath leading to the cave of Zas, at an altitude of some 600 meters. The cave is of high archaeological importance and a small church, dedicated to Zoodochos Peghe (Virgin, Spring of Life) is established in the interior of it.

Apalirou Castle
It was the strongest fortress in Naxos and the administrative centre of the island during the Byzantine empire, situated on the top of an unapproachable mountain in the area of Sagri.


cine naxos


From Friday March 23rd up to Wednesday March 28rd
will be playing the movie
"Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy"

Show Time: 19:30 and 22:15

cNaxos Island Live Web Cams

Saint George Beach

Naxos Live WebCam.   Live from Chora Naxos.


Mikri Vigla Beach Naxos Island

Naxos Live WebCam.   Live from Chora Naxos.

Saint George Beach Naxos Island

Naxos Live WebCam.   Live from Chora Naxos.



The most important festivals during the summer months on Naxos Island are:

20th May: Festival of Agios Thalaleos, in Agios Thalaleos Village
30th June: Festival of Agii Apostoli, in Melanes Village
7th July: Festival of Agia Kyriaki, in Potamia Village
8th July: Festival of Agios Prokopios in Agios Prokopios Beach naxos
14th July: Festival of Ag­ios Nikodimos in Hora and Glinado Village
17th July: Festival of Agia Marina in Agidia and Koronos Villages
25th July: Festival of Agia Anna in Agia Anna Beach
27th July: Festival of Agios Panteleimon in Agersani Village
6th August: Festival of Christ the Saviour in Glinado, Damarionas and Kourounochori Villlages
15th August: Festival of Panagia (Holy Virgin) all over naxos island and particulary in Filoti
23th August: Festival of the Holy Virgin’s no­vena in Tripodes
29th August: Festival of Agios Ioannis in Apiranthos, Apollonas and Agersani
8th September: Festival of Theoskepasti in Komiaki and Potamia

Naxos Island Festivals
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AEGEAN PALACE hotel in Naxos is a 4 star luxury hotel located in the western coast of Naxos - in Plaka beach, 7 klms from the city centre of Naxos. With 60 guest bedrooms and 10 suites this privately owned hotel is designed as a restful, elegant refuge for both the business and leisure traveller.

naxos hotels


Hotel main number for general enquiries:

+30 22850 - 42872

Address Details

You can write to us at:
Aegean Palace,
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IRAKLIA... THE ISLAND OF A MYTH, A SEA VISION OF SPACE AND TIME, the immensity of sea and the history of humans.

Agnadema Hotel in Iraklia consists of comfortable rooms, all designed in a simple and elegant way.

All rooms have bath, refrigerator and the proper utensils, air-conditioning, and television and a small hot plate to prepare your coffee. All rooms have a veranda or a balcony with an amazing view of the Aegean sea.


Contact Information:

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Address Details

You can write to us at:
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