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Naxos Island - the ultimate windsurfing destination

Watch surfing on Naxos follow this link

Naxos is the largest of the Aegean islands ion the so-called Cyclades, covering an area of 428m². What makes it perfect for windsurfing is the fact that its wind direction is mostly ‘side shore’ or parallel to the shoreline. This provides the perfect wind situation for surfers. The island also boasts a huge lagoon, shallow enough to stand in yet with waves large enough for beginners and more advanced surfers to practise. There are now schools on the island dedicated to all levels of windsurfing competence. The lagoon is mostly used by amateurs whereas the more professional surfers tend to take advantage of the Meltemi, a northern wind with a force high enough to create ideal waves. Reef flats which break the waves make the surfer’s experience all that more pleasant.

On Naxos, you can enjoy waist-deep lagoon and a wave spot in a single location. The lagoon is protected by the reef and has sandy seabed. Inside the lagoon conditions are great for freestyle and slalom. There is a marked gateway at the offshore reef, showing the way to the wave spot. The waves (usually from 1 to 2.5 m high) provides excellent jumping and backside riding conditions. The windsurfing season on Naxos lasts from May to October. Summer months, when meltelmi blows, are the best time to go.

Naxos is primarily a flat water spot. It consists of a large shallow lagoon surrounded by a reef. Whilst it is always ‘flat’ in the lagoon, it is only on the edges that it becomes a true freestyle/freeride paradise. Because the lagoon is no more than chest deep throughout, it is perfect for beginners and intermediates (advanced sailors might even forget how to waterstart!).

Surf Centers on Naxos

  • Naxos-Surf Club, Naxos
  • Flisvos Sportclub Naxos, Naxos
  • Mikri Vigla Watersports, Naxos
  • Plaka-Watersports, Naxos
  • Petrino Watersports, Naxos
  • Agios Prokopios Windsurfing

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AEGEAN PALACE hotel in Naxos is a 4 star luxury hotel located in the western coast of Naxos - in Plaka beach, 7 klms from the city centre of Naxos. With 60 guest bedrooms and 10 suites this privately owned hotel is designed as a restful, elegant refuge for both the business and leisure traveller.

naxos hotels


naxos live web cams

Hotel main number for general enquiries:

+30 22850 - 42872

Address Details

You can write to us at:
Aegean Palace,
Plaka Beach,


Apollonia Studios is constituted from 4 studios that service from 2 to 4 individuals, operating from May up to the end of October.


  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • T.V
  • A.C
  • Fridge
  • Balcony
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Parking Area
  • Car bike RENTAL


Location: Plaka Beach Naxos Island
Meters from the beach: 70 meters

naxos hotel booking

Contact Information:

Apollonia Studios - Apartments
Plaka Beach - Naxos Island
Tel.: +30 22850-41166 ,
Mobile Tel.: +694 28829949
Fax: +30 22850 27086

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IRAKLIA... THE ISLAND OF A MYTH, A SEA VISION OF SPACE AND TIME, the immensity of sea and the history of humans.

Agnadema Hotel in Iraklia consists of comfortable rooms, all designed in a simple and elegant way.

All rooms have bath, refrigerator and the proper utensils, air-conditioning, and television and a small hot plate to prepare your coffee. All rooms have a veranda or a balcony with an amazing view of the Aegean sea.

naxos hotel booking

Contact Information:

+30 22850 71484 ,
mobile +30 6978048789,
or fax at +30 71484.

Address Details

You can write to us at:
Agnadema Hotel,
Iraklia Island,

Official Web Site


naxos hotels

naxos hotels

AMBELAKI STUDIOS are located in the tourist region of Plaka NAXOS, 50 meters from Plaka beach, with the eminent beaches and marine sports, near the sea, with access in a lot of near beaches such as MIKRI VIGLA, KASTRAKI ALIKO, AGIOS PROKOPIOS, and AGIA ANNA.

It is constituted from 6 fully equipped studios that can host from 2 to 4 individuals, operating from April up to October.


naxos hotel bookingTel.: +30 22850-41012 /+30 22850-42882, Fax+30 22850- 27086,
Mobile Tel.: +306981546753, +306987157028



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