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Naxos Local Products...

On Naxos Island there are many underground streams which feed the island's wells and springs, and water is plentiful on Naxos. This fact, combined with the fertile soil - particularly in the valleys on the western side of the island which are systematically cultivated by local farmers - ensures an adequate supply of agricultural produce for the islanders. The main products are potatoes, fruits ( Naxos is well-known for its apricots), vegetables, all types of citrus fruit, oil and wine form the island's rich vineyards, of which Dionysos himself, born in this fertile land, sange the praises.

Archilochus, the 7 th century B.C. lyric poet who hailed from nearby Paros, compared the wine of Naxos with the nectar drunk by the Olympian gods. Sincy many of the island's inhabitants are engaged in farming acivities, Naoxs also produces several kinds of high quality livestock products, including three types of cheese known as "myzethra" kefalotyri" and "anthotyro", sausages and meat.

Cheese : Graviera, Antothiro, Kefalotyri,Mizithra, Arseniko.
There is a great variety of different kind of cheeses on the islsnd. Most of the are not mass produced adn are sold in various point in Chora Naxos (eg. Enosi).

: Raki, Kitro, Wine. Naxos produces exquiste alcoholic drinks. Some of them are rymoured to have medicinal power. Try the wonderful “Raki with honey”, as well as the famous “Kitro” drink. Kitro drink as weel as other local drinks and delicacies can be bought from Brasiliana, Vallindras and Promponas.

You may also want to try the wine made at some of the villages of Naxos, such as Filoti, Koronos kai Koronida/Komiaki. You can buy some and you get it directly from the bareel.

Agricultural products
: Potatoes, Onion (sweet), Herbs (Thimari, Oregano, etc.) Naxos’ Potatoes and Onions are famous for their wonderful and distinct taste.

Ask for them at a local grocery store. Also, the local herbs have a wonderful smell and taste and it would be a good idea to get some.

: Naxos has a great vareity of traditional art to scow. The Weavers’ Association of Komiaki and the Traditional Women’s Art Association keep many types of traditional Naxian art alive. It would de a good idea to visit them and have a look at the traditional art of Naxos. Also note that during the summer they are various exhibitions in Chora, usually held at the premises of the 1st Primary School of Chora Naxos, near the port.

Marble and Emery from Naxos are widely known. Naxian marble is one of best marbles in the world. Same applies to the island’s emery. It was used a lot in the past in wars and is stiil being used for madicinal and other reasons.

Naxos Marble

Naxos has been famous for tis marble since ancient times. Naxian marble was widely used in buiding and for the sculptures in the sacred sites on Delos and at Delphi. The famous Terrace of the Lions on Delos, which was dedicated by the Naxians to Apollo, the God of Light, was build with Naxian Marble. The marble sphinx at Delphi was also a present from the Naxians.

Naxos Emery
In the north-eastern part of the isalnd, in the area between Apiranthos and Koronos, there are valuable deposits of emery.

The only natural emery mine reserves in the world that extract first quality emery are found in Naxos Greece,  more specifically on the island of Naxos where our headquarters are situated.

Emery is a fully antistatic material – 9,5 moils, specific weight 4 was used in the bulkhead, approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (anti rust material) . 100% antislippery material.

You may find handmade marble cycladic statues and marbles in "KORONIDA" as well as - silver - icons - ceramics in old town lanes
in Old Market Street KORONIDA. Tel: 22850 22486 Mobile 6947991402



naxos local products



Margaritari Hotel is located in Agia Anna on the island of Naxos.

If you are thinking of visiting the stunning Naxos Greece, the most popular and picturesque island of the Cyclades Islands, we suggest selecting Margaritari of Naxos complex in Agia Anna beach. It’s by far the ultimate choice for your accommodation in Naxos Agia Anna Greece if you are looking for comfortable hotel rooms.

Built on a beautiful location with regard to the Cycladic tradition, designed with care and style.

The unlimited view of the sea is captivating. Enjoy the wonderful sunsets from the veranda.

Margaritari Hotel offers 14 spacious rooms, all with comfortable large beds, individually controlled air-conditioning and heating, radio and satellite TV, mini fridge, he bathroom features hairdryer, with shower.

Our warm and enthusiastic staff will make you feel part of Naxos and we will do our best to make your stay unforgettable.

The unlimited view of the sea is captivating. Enjoy the hot Greek sun and the spectacular sunsets from your private veranda.

Hotel main number for general enquiries:

Call us at (+30) 22850 42141 - (+30) 6973 602867

Address:HOTEL - MARGARITARI OF NAXOS Agia Anna PC 84300 Naxos
or Fax on (+30) 22850 42867 | Email: info@hotelmargaritari.g




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