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Greek Food

Are you interested in Greek Cuisine? Click on here to find out some of the most famous Greek Recipes as well as some traditional naxian recipes offered by the restaurant owners of Naxos.

KLEFTIKO (Lamb in ceramic pot baked in wood-fired oven)


3-4 kg lamb, cut into large pieces
1 kg, potatoes peeled and quartered.
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper.
2 tsp dried oregano (Greek rigani is best)*
8 fresh bay leaves
1/2 cup oil

Place lamb and potatoes into two baking trays. Mix together salt, pepper and oregano in a small bowl, sprinkle over lamb and potatoes and toss well, rubbing mixture into the meat. Add bay leaves and insert garlic by making small holes on the meat.Pour in water and oil. Cover with foil and bake in the oven at 150-160 for two hours.

If youre lucky enough to have a wood-fired oven like we do in Avali Taverna in Agios Prokopios, bake it for 3-4 hours.

The recipe is offered by Avali 's Chef in Agios

The Greek Moussaka

Minced Beef
Bechamel Sauce

The minced beef is lightly fried with garlic and onions, chopped tomatoes and salt and pepper. I add some wine for added flavour. The potatoes are thinly sliced and deep fired and then strained. The aubergenes are also thinly sliced, salted, then deep fried and strained. Layer the potatoe in large baking tin, then add the meat mixture on top. Layer the aubergines on top of the meat. The bechamell is made with flour, milk, egg and butter. The sauce goes on top of aubergenes, then kefalotiri is sprinkled on the top to give a nice crispy brown topping to the moussaka.

The recipe is offered by famous Vassilis Taverna in the old Market Street of Naxos.

More Greek Food Recipes



Naxos Restaurants - Tavernas

Food is a big part of everyday life in Naxos Greece. There are many taverns and restaurants, right on the beach and in the charming alleyways that serve both local delicacies and a variety of international cuisine. In Naxos, we suggest trying the delicious meat and game dishes, fresh seafood and cheeses. Naxos wines are also superb and go beautifully with the island's traditional cuisine

We gathered some of the best tavernas and restaurants on Naxos Island.


Naxos Town Tavernas - Sarris Taverna

Sarris Taverna
Naxos Island

Sarris Tavern - Naxos Island


With an ambiance that emulates the relaxed, opulent experience of dining on the island of nAXOS, the attentive service and high-quality fare offered here is a true delight.

Each dish on Sarris menu is considered a specialty, but the fresh daily Thalassina (seafood) is most popular among their loyal patronage. Indulge in fish-free delicacies, our famous chicken souvlaki and the traditional baked lamb with ouzo, tomatoes, and Kefalotiri cheese .

Most importantly, Sarris Taverna lives up to its Aegean namesake memorable taste.



Sarris Taverna, Naxos Town, Naxos island, Cyclades - Greece -






Anesis Spiros Restaurant
Agios Prokopios Naxos


Agios Prokopios Naxos Taverna Anesis - Spiros

one of the oldest taverna's in Agios Prokopios keeps on serving the most delicious,
fresh food at low rates.


Restaurant Anesis Spiros Agios Prokopios Naxos Island

Restaurant Anesis Spiros menu offers traditional recipes, a variety of seafood flown in fresh, rich selection of cold and warm food appetizers, salads, pasta dishes as well as meat dishes and unique daily culinary offerings crafted with fresh, locaingredients. Don't miss pork on the grill every Saturday as well as the famous lobster pasta. You may also enjoy fresh calamares, shrimps and fresh fish all on the grill. With a wide variety of Greek food and fresh fish every day.

It worths every bite. Delicious food and offers the traditional Naxian cuisine. Child friendly (playland)

anesis spiros restaurant anesis spiros restaurant agios prokopios

Tsakalaka and Spiros playing tavli

Anesis Spiros Restaurant Agios Prokopios , Naxos island, Cyclades - Greece -

Phone: 0030-22850-42055 mob: +30 693 23654 23

Karabatsis Iakovos & Vangelis




Apanemi is not a common fish tavern, its a special place, one of those who are so difficult to find! What makes it special? Its owners have decided to use their boat, a traditional kaiki, to fish on an every day basis in the crystal waters of the eastern Naxian coast, only and exclusively for their taverna. The result? You get excellent, fresh fish every single day! Our love for the sea and our passion to give priority to the untouched, natural taste of its products, enable us to create fantastic recipes, such as our famous Spaghetti with Lobster. So, right on the shore, youll be able to enjoy seafood flavours, in a totally relaxed environment, having an unforgettable time with the people you love.

moutsouna taverna
Apanemi Tavern, Moutsouna, Naxos island, Cyclades - Greece - Tel: +30 22850 68240, email:




Vassilis Taverna
since 1951

Old Market Street (Old Town)

Taverna Vasilis opened in 1951 with 5 tables on an earthen floor. The first tourists to arrive in Naxos ate traditional Greek food, and drank Mr. Vasilis homemade wine. Today his son, daughter-in- law and their children continue in his tradition, by offering good quality homemade Greek food and authentic local wine.

Serving the best Mediterranean GreekSeafood in Naxos.We pride ourserlves on our authentic Greek recipes and the individual touches brought to every dish. Our wine has been chosen to compliment the cuisine.

Located at Old Market Street, Naxos Island, P.C. 84300, Greece.

The Taverna is open every day.We invite you to dine. JOIN US


naxos restaurant

naxos restaurant

Vasilis Taverna Naxos Town, Naxos island, Cyclades - Greece - For reservations call: 0030-22850-23763



Avali Restaurant
Agios Prokopios Naxos

NAXOS RESTAURANT vali Cafe - Restaurant - Grill

To Saint Prokopios, 10m near to the local church, on the rocks of the seaside. The most romantic and magic view of the Aegean sea will make you feel like soaling into the blue and clear water. A feeling that will remind you the most romantic dreams of the sea you have ever seen.


naxos tavernas
Avali Restaurant Agios Prokopios , Naxos island, Cyclades - Greece -

Phone: 0030-22850-26972 mob: 6944542695

Kostas Vasileiou Kondilis, General Manager


Taste the traditional taste of Greek Souvlaki in Souvlaki Korre. The best souvlaki on Naxos.

Korre Souvlaki Naxos delivery tel: 22850 27110

Korres Souvlaki , Naxos island, Cyclades - Greece - Tel: +30 22850 27110



Stin Igeia MAS!

A new taverna in paralia naxos town opened this year offering splendid "mezedes" and the traditional naxian cuisine. The owner Takis offers great food, fresh fish and original naxian local recipes with his warm smile.

naxos tavernas
Stin Igeia Mas, Naxos Town Taverna, Tel : 22850 25308



Mousatos Greek Taverna Naxos in Kournochori Village

In a small, friendly, comfortable and relaxing taverna where you can enjoy excellent local food and our wine. Everything served in this taverna comes directly from our private farma. You will find us in Kournochori Village. Enjoy your food with a panoramic view to Melanes Village.

Definately try the naxian cheese xinomizithra and mizithra. Grilled food is on charcoal. The rates are also very low.


mousatos taverna naxos
Mousatos Greek Taverna, Kourounochori, Naxos Island






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