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agios prokopios

Agios Prokopios Naxos

This long stretch of golden sand on Naxos' west coast stretches for miles and is popular with families, backpackers and naturists alike. But due to its size, there's more than enough room for everyone.

Starting at Agios Prokopios, the beach stretches south to Agia Anna and becomes Plaka beach further down the coast.

At Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna there are tavernas and shops lining the beach and tourist facilities available, while further afield the beach becomes more remote with fewer facilities.

The sea is clear and the beach shelves gently into the sea, making it ideal for kids.

Agios Prokopios itself is a laid-back beach resort with a few tavernas, bars and shops and a number of hotels and apartments. It lies 6km from the island's capital, Naxos Town.


portara naxos gate

The "Portara" is arguably the most recognisable sight on the island of Naxos.

This large marble gate (the only remaining part of a temple dedicated to Apollo, and built in the 6th Century BC) stands on a small island (which is connected to the main island) by the ferry port in Naxos Town.

As you approach the island by ferry, it is likely to be the first thing that you recognise.

The island upon which the Portara sits is very rocky and it is quite a steep climb up to the top. Thankfully, steps up to the Portara have been built to accommodate the hordes of tourists that venture up to see it.

If you stand "behind" the Portara (ie closest to the sea and furthest from the town), the Portara acts like a photo frame framing the view of Naxos Town.


The west coast of Naxos, where Naxos Town and the beautiful beaches are located, is only the tip of the iceberg. Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and has a lot to offer in its mountainous interior as well.

By far the best way to visit the interior of the island is to rent a car. Then take a scenic loop beginning in Naxos Town and heading out southeast to Filoti, then northeast to Apirathos and Apollon, and finally head back to Naxos Town along the highway that follows the north coast.


This Early Christian church lies near the village of Moni.

The interior wall surfaces have wall paintings of various phases; from the end of the 6th and the beginning of the 7th centuries.

piranthos Naxos


Apirathos is known as the White City because nearly everything there is built from white marble from the island's famous quarries. Even the gravel on Naxos is crushed white marble! Apirathos is on a hill and has narrow winding paths that are fun to navigate. The town was colonised in the 17th and 18th centuries by Crtean refugees trying to get away from Turkish oppression. It really is a wonderful mountain village with marble paved climbing streets which are so easy to get lost in, and 14th century towers which were built by the Venetian Crispi family.

Chalki Naxos

The best way to see more of the island is to hire a car and head off into the Tragaia valley with its little towns and wonderful views. Chalki is a pictureque little place with Ventetian. architecture. It is worth a short stop to wander through the little streets. In the centre is the old Byzantine Fragopoulis tower.

Getting to Naxos Island

By Ferry:

Various shipping lines operate ferries to Naxos and they can and do change from summer to summer. The travel time is between six and eight hours. Boats leave from two ports, the well known Piraeus and the lesser known Rafina which is, in fact, closer to the new airport. There is also a catamaran - the High Speed - which, in theory, cuts the sailing time to Naxos to about three and a half hours.
Under normal circumstances, there is at least one ferry every morning leaving Piraeus at 8 am. arriving at Naxos between 2 pm and 3pm. There is then, usually, one or two in the evening departing between 5 pm and 8 pm and arriving, therefore, between 11 pm and 2 am. This gives a good general guide to times but should never be taken on trust - always try to check and double check these times.By Plane: Small planes fly to and from Naxos operated by Olympic Airways. At peak times there should be two flights a day, leaving Athens at about 9 am and 4.30 pm.


For the holidaymakers who can drag themselves away from the glorious beaches, Naxos provides a wealth of ancient Greek remains as well as plenty of Byzantine and Venetian history. The islanda??s capital, also called Naxos, has a Venetian fortress as well as an ancient Greek temple to Apollo.
This temple is usually the first thing that a tourist sees when visiting Naxos by ferry because it stands proudly on the tip of the island, marking the way into the busy ferry port. The temple dates back to 522 BC but its ruinous appearance is not because much of it has been lost to the passage of time, but rather because the ancients never finished building it.
Naxos town is very picturesque port with a maze of whitewashed streets and alleyways, designed with the frequent invasions from Aegean pirates in mind. Its typically Cycladic architecture blends with the Venetian and every turning invites the visitor to explore.
With such romantic charm and mystique, it is little wonder that Naxos has long been popular with writers and artists. Lord Byron visited in his youth and never forgot the experience, referring to it in his writings as the a??Dream Islanda?? and often saying that he would love to return some day.
Naxos has 41 villages and most are worth exploring. They are found in the green fertile, valleys that are sandwiched between the rugged, arid mountains. Many of these are over 2000 feet high and the highest, Mount Zeus is 3,200 feet.
Naxos enjoys the economic rewards of being a tourist island but it does not depend on them for its prosperity. A great deal of farming takes place in its rich valleys and the cultivation of lemons is especially successful. In addition to lemons, Naxos produces cherries, pomegranates and other fresh fruit. It also produces olives, nuts and potatoes whilst its grapes make some of the best of Greek wines.

Naxos Nightlife
Naxos Greece is an extremely well-developed island with many entertainment venues, offering visitors a lot of different options. Along the beachfront drive and in the small side streets of Naxos Town (Chora) there are hundreds of cafes, bars, clubs and live music halls, some of the most exciting Naxos nightlife. The seaside resorts of Plaka, Agios Prokopis, Stelida and Agia Anna, located just south of Naxos Town (Chora), also provide a wide selection of nightlife venues. Apollonas village, situated on the northeastern side of the island, is a favourite place to enjoy a delicious meal and to relax with a cool drink while gazing at the small fishing port.

Naxos Local Festivals

In contrast to the many clubs and music halls, Naxos Greece also hosts plenty of festivals, fairs and events. While in Naxos Town during the summer months, you can take part in the "Dionysia" Festival, which is a mixture of cultural and athletic events. The summer cultural festival that takes place in the Bazeos Castle is simply wonderful, offering a variety of activities to participants. Other Naxos festivals take place on the name day of the patron saints of each village. Some of the popular festivals: Agios Prokopios on July 8 and Agia Anna on July 25 in their respective villages, the Virgin Mary on August 15 and Agios Ioannis on August 29 in Apiranthos, Agia Marina on July 17th in Koronos and the Virgin Mary 3-day festival in mid-August in Filoti.

Local Cuisine Local Products

Naxos Island Greece produces a wide variety of products. The most popular souvenir is a bottle of citron liqueur, which is made from citron leaves. Other Naxos products include hand-made woven fabrics, pottery, hand-made leather goods and jewelry, specially the "Naxos Eye", which is said to bring luck.



Naxos Map

naxos map

naxos map





aegean palace hotel plaka

AEGEAN PALACE hotel in Naxos is a 4 star luxury hotel located in the western coast of Naxos - in Plaka beach, 7 klms from the city centre of Naxos. With 60 guest bedrooms and 10 suites this privately owned hotel is designed as a restful, elegant refuge for both the business and leisure traveller.

Hotel main number for general enquiries:

+30 22850 - 42872

Address Details

You can write to us at:
Aegean Palace,
Plaka Beach,
Naxos, P.C.84300




anna studios agios prokopios

At Anna Beach Studios in Agios Prokopios, Naxos, guests can select the type of accommodation that best suits their needs and tastes from a wide variety of apartments and rooms. The hotel includes 9 studios and 1 suite in different sizes.

Anna Beach Studios are especially charming, built and decorated in the traditional Cycladic style, providing guests with a taste of genuine island life. All apartments are fully-equipped with modern facilities for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

There are 3 types of apartments available: standard, superior and family (2-room), all of which feature a balcony or a veranda.


anna studios agios prokopios

Mobile: +30 6945 019 597



aygerinos village agiassos

The Hotel is situated next to Agiassos Beach with amphitheatric view to the seashore of beautiful Agiassos.

This family run -hotel is especially designed to provide accommodation for families in comfortable and fully air-conditioned villas, with the apartments designed to relax, completely equipped kitchens, capacious balconies with the sea view.

aygerinos village agiassos
Agiassos, 84300 Naxos, GreeceTel: +30 22850 32700 Fax: +30 22850 32702

Mob:+ 30 6974 120619




birikos hotel agios prokopios

Birikos hotel in Agios Prokopios offers guests a wide variety of rooms and suites to suit both desires and budget. All units are tastefully decorated to reflect the traditional Naxos ambience.

Equipped with all modern facilities, Birikos hotel in Agios Prokopios in Naxos island promises to offer world-class hospitality and personalized services to tourists visiting Greece. It offers unparalleled services to leisure travelers. Birikos Resort can be termed havens of luxury, comfort and coziness, satisfying every possible need.

Birikos Hotel in Agios Prokopios consists of 3 buildings, the superior unit ,(9) luxurious appartments. The standard unit consists of seven (7) studios and nine (9) appartments. The room-friendly unit consists of 12 double rooms.


birikos hotel agios prokopios
For reservations you may: Call: (+30 22850) 41654 , 25474Fax on: (+30 22850) 41583 Our adress is Naxos Island - Agios Prokopios, P.C. 84300Contact Sales Manager by email:


Chrisallis Studios in Naxos have comfortable beds, air conditioning, fridge, television, sea view , balcony or terrace, private shower and WC.

All of the rooms have kept their traditional style and decoration and offer a relaxing atmosphere for your vacation.

Keep in mind that in a 5 min distance, you will find the organized beach of Ag. Prokopios with a big variety of restaurants, stores and beach sports!

To make a reservation or to enquire about the rooms, facilities or services at Chrisallis Studios , please send us your message at You can also contact us by phone at Tel.: +30 22850 41854/ -mob.:+ 6949 105 347. Thank you for selecting us.


glaronissi studios plaka

Glaronissi 1 is a family run , built with care on the golden beach of Plaka, Naxos Island, awarded with the "Blue Flag" of the European Union.

It consists of 6 studios, with private balcony overlooking the deep blue of the Plaka beach. Glaronissi 1 is situated just 7 km away from the picturesque town of Naxos. Plaka is 5 km distance from Naxos Airport. A bus-stop is situated nearby the hotel allowing for transportation from Plaka to all the hot-spots of the Naxos.

glaronissi studios plaka

To make a reservation or to enquire about the rooms, facilities or services at Glaronissi 1 Studios, please send us your message. You can also contact us by phone at +30 22850 41201 or mob.:+693 6762700. You may also email us at


golden silence agios prokopios

Golden Silence, Agios Prokopios, Naxos, Greece

Golden Silence Studios in Agios Prokopios beach consists of comfortable studios, all designed in a simple and elegant way.

Enjoy your breakfast gazing over the deep-blue waters of the Aegean or your evening drink watching the sunset that covers the sea with thousands of colours.

Our primary goal is the immediate and discreet response to our guests' demands.

All rooms have bath, refrigerator and the proper utensils, air-conditioning, and television adn fully equipped kitchen.


golden silence agios prokopios

Tel: +30 22850 41785 / 26068
Mob: 6973 380303
Fax: +30 22850 42830


iades studios agia anna

IADES in Agia Anna beach consists of comfortable studios, all designed in a simple and elegant way.

All rooms have a balcony or veranda, bath, refrigerator and the proper utensils, air-conditioning, and television adn fully equipped kitchen.


iades studios agia anna
Iades Studios, Agia Anna Beach, Naxos Island, Greece, mob.:+30 6972441744



kalamuria studios plaka

Kalamuria Studios in Plaka beach consist of 8 double - triple comfortable studios, all designed in a simple and elegant way.

Enjoy your breakfast gazing over the deep-blue waters of the Aegean or your evening drink watching the sunset that covers the sea with thousands of colours.


kalamuria studios plaka
To make a reservation or to enquire about the rooms, facilities or services at the Golden Silence Rooms & Studios, please send us your message. You can also contact us by phone at +30 22850 41180 or +30 210 9625323 mob.:+30 6937 678912



kalia studios agia anna

Kalia Studios has 9 studios and 2 appartments overlooking the cedar forest of Agia Anna and the Aegean Sea.

Each room is equipped with a television set, a high speed internet access, WiFi access, safe box, hairdryer, fridge, A/C.

Each suite has its own soul, its own individual harmony.


kalia studios agia anna
Hotel address: Agia Anna - Naxos - P.C 84300
Our telephone center operates everyday and our phone numbers are :+30 22850 41930
Our fax number is :+30 22850 41933.

You may also send us an email at :



katerina babis studios agios prokopios

Built in a traditional way according to the Cycladic style, Studios Katerina and Babis is situated a few steps away from the famous beach of Naxos Agios Prokopios beach.

Enjoy your holidays in Naxos island, the stunning sunsets and the unique hospitality offered in Katerina and Babis Studios in low prices.

katerina babis studios agios prokopios
In case you decided to spend your holidays in Agios Prokopios in Naxos island and wish to stay in our studios y may send us an email to or contact us by phone on +6997058184, 22850 42753, 22850 42573, or fax on +30 22850 42753.


kilmataria studios agios prokopios

Klimataria Studios in Agios Prokopios Naxos is comprised of 11 spacious and elegantly furnished apartments and studios. Guests will find a variety of comfortable facilities and will be assisted by our warm and hospitable personnel who make Klimataria one of the most hospitable studios in Agios Prokopios.

Klimataria Studios operate from April 15 to October 31.

klimataria studios agios prokopios
contact us by e-mail at, phone at +30 2 22850 42683/ 41978, or fax at +30 228500 23283. In winter time phone at +30 22850 23283/24179.


kastraki naxows

MANOLIS STUDIOS are found in tourist region KASTRAKI - MIKRI VIGLA, NAXOS with the eminent beaches and marine sports, near the sea, with access in a lot of near beaches such as MIKRI VIGLA, KASTRAKI ALIKO, AGIOS PROKOPIOS, and AGIA ANNA

It is constituted from 10 completely equipped studios that service from 2 to 5 individuals, operating from April up to October.


kastraki naxos


MANOLIS Studios-Apartments
Mikri Vigla - Kastraki - Naxos
Tel.: +30 22850-75405 , T.-Fax +30 22850-42580 , +30 22850-25163 , +3022850-26441
Mobile Tel.: +306974182732 , +306944314979



panoramic view agios prokopios

Panoramic View Resort offers visitors 8 comfortable hotel rooms and 2 hotel studios, all-inclusive facilities and immaculate hotel services in a hospitable environment, ensuring that its guests spend a fully enjoyable and relaxing stay in a serene setting. We will be glad to welcome you at Panoramic View Studios & Apartments complex, one of the finest Agios Prokopios Naxos hotels operating from April 15 to October 25.

panoramic view agios prokopios
Alternatively, you may contact us
by phone at +30 22850 24257 or
mobile +30 6945 49 71 94 or
fax at 22850 24259.



villa veranda plaka

Our resort is located in Plaka beach in Naxos, only 6km, from the city center of Naxos.

Here you will experience your desired holidays, as the area is one of the most well known within Naxos.

Only 50m from one of the best Naxian beaches, our hotel will definitely offer you peace and quite as well as relaxation in a family environment.

Additionally we offer:

- Special Group and Family rates


villa veranda plaka

To make a reservation or to enquire about the rooms, facilities or services at Villa Veranda Studios ,please send us your message at You can also contact us by phone at Tel.: +30 22850 41480/ -mob.:+30 6937301162. Thank you for selecting us.







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