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(TIME: 4,5 hours, DISTANCE: 8,9 km.)


Before you start hiking, you can visit the three museums of Apiranthos, archaeological, geological and folklore one.
Outside the village in central asphalt road from the bus stop starts the path.
Go to the left and north on the asphalt road until you reach a armoured concrete road in about 50 meters and move down to the to landed properties of the region. All straight and left , you walk for 3 km through the evergreen dell of Apeiranthos.
On your way you will meet big baluster doors, which you open and close after you have passed. After 3.3 km among “trafos” (short walls of stones) and after you have ascended the dirt road, go to the left on the path which leads to the top of the main asphalt road.
When you reach the asphalt road, go to right and continue straight for 800 meters to the church of Stavros.
At this crossroads, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea!
After there, follow the same asphalt road to Apollonas, and turn after a few meters to the marble path to your left, that leads to Koronos village. 
During the hiking you can enjoy the view to the villages Koronos and Skado, in which you move to.
Once you have crossed the path straight and down, pass across the asphalt road and follow the downhill steps to Koronos.
When you reach the small square you will find two taverns and a cafe with quality food and hospitable service!
If you want to visit the mining museum of village you can ask for information at the taverns or the residents.
After a necessary stop, pass through the village and move on to the north towards the path that leads to the opposite village Skado.
Approximately after one hour of walking the church of St. John will guide you You pass the church and go to the left. You go all straight and climb some steps so as to pass next to the second church of St. George, of Skados region.
You will reached after a brief walking to the main asphalt road of Skado. From there you can take the bus line around 15:45 to return to Chora of Naxos.

  • Be sure that you are correct informed for the time of departure and arrival of the buses
  • Use hiking shoes and wear clothes that will protect you from sun, wind or rain.
  • Brink with you plenty water to drink!
  • Protect nature and throw plastic and other rubbishonly in the rubbish bins!
  • Show respect to the particular life values, culture and way of thinking of the locals.
  • Feel as guests that are welcomed by heartÉ!






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